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Heilongjiang Changjiu Resources Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. is an important edition of the strategic layout of the circular economy industry in the automotive aftermarket under the internationalized and capitalized automobile value chain integration operation platform. Harbin Changjiu Resources Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is the first wholly-owned subsidiary to enter the field.

The long-term resource recycling is based on the company's vision of “becoming a participant in the relevant standards for the automotive recycling industry”, with the mission of “solving energy conservation and environmental protection issues for the society” and the development goal of “becoming a benchmark enterprise in the field of automotive renewable resources”. “Talent, Culture, and Professionalism” is the core competitiveness, with “fine dismantling and scientific regeneration” as the scientific norm. Main: Waste steam....

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    • 2016-2017 Harbin City Motor Vehicle Retirement Subsidy Application Conditions and Process, Motor Vehicle Retirement Subsidy Standard

      The following is the dissemination of Admissions Network Xiaobian for everyone to compile the "2016-2017 Harbin City motor vehicle scrap subsidy application conditions and procedures, motor vehicle scrap subsidy standards" related content, welcome to read, more exciting content, please pay attention to the dissemination of students network!

    • What are the types of driver traffic violation scores?

      If the driver of the motor vehicle has one of the following violations, he shall record 12 points at a time: (1) driving the motor vehicle after drunkenness; (2) driving the motor vehicle to a driver without a driver's license; (3) driving without a license Certificate of motor vehicle;

    • Harbin City will build a waste car dismantling base

      The first public announcement of the environmental impact assessment of the waste car recycling and dismantling project in Heilongjiang was publicly announced in the Harbin Environmental Protection Network. The total investment of the project is 679.656 million yuan. After the project is put into production, 10,000 vehicles for various types of scrapped vehicles can be dismantled every year.

    • Stop, wilderness, scrap car, soul

      In the desolate suburbs, the iron-cast body locks the soul of the beggar. At the moment he was thrown away, he turned himself into an indelible landscape, because the soul is still!-Inscription

    • The scrapped car is locked by the "eyes"

      Chinese business newspaper (Reporter Zhang Chao correspondent Yao Jiaqi) scrap car is forbidden to drive on the road, and a truck driver thought that as long as he did not violate the law, he would not be discovered by the traffic police, but he was not expected to be stopped by the Baoji Jintai traffic police.

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